Gundi Ingrid Arnold

Gundi Started in the Insurance business in 1995.  She has developed relationships as a P & C Commercial Licensed Broker with National and International Concepts from Specializing in Restaurants to Legal Entities, Contractors, Construction and HVAC. (Even nominating and winning the Governors Award of Excellence to her HVAC client that was 1 of 7 that won out of 10,0000 applicants). Gundi specializes in working on your behalf with the state to generate the Safety Discount you are entitled to that so many companies know nothing about. This program has been running since 1985 in the state of PA and awards you 5% off of your Workers Compensation Premium, for having monthly meetings with a minimum of two people from the workforce and two people from management.  Our company handles recording all of the state requirements, including the mission statement, monthly meetings attendance records , material and subjects, along with the query.  We enter these and keep them on file in our amazing web based library.   All you have to do is hire Work Comp Safety Credit to do the work and first year you receive half of the discount and our services render the other half.  Costs you nothing and you lose nothing.  You gain a discount you weren't taking advantage of which is Free Money and work place safety knowledge which helps keep your losses down and  premium insurance down.  A win win all around.

Gundi has written over $189,000 Million  in business insurance premium and $50M in Revenues, and saved National Named Concepts the Safety Credit they didn't know that they could receive.  This credit lasts as long as you participate which is yearly. Our relationships are based on integrity and our results are amazing.  Allow me to show you what Work Comp Safety Credit can do for you...

On a personal note: Gundi is a huge advocate for many charity organizations and see attached, and currently has many rescue dogs including Kita the blind dog that we consider our mascot of perserverence who has sat in the office during many of our client meetings and adds some fun to our atmosphere.  She has fished tender boats in Alaska, moved Salmon from the pit of the tender at 30 degrees water temperature totally submersed,  while running a successful book of business and helping charities along the way.